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Simple Socket Server Plus errors: undefined reference to 'install menu' & to 'stooges

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I downloaded the Simple Socket Server Plus example from here: and built the software project using the scripts provided via the Nios II command shell. I imported those files into Eclipse to create a Nios II app folder and BSP folder in Eclipse.  



I wanted to use those files for my FPGA board (Stratix III dev board), which is different than what the software was designed for (Cyclone III dev board). So I made a new Nios II application and BSP following the same steps I used for creating the regular Simple Socket Server software project in this pdf:, except that I added the SSS plus files to the project and I also enabled the altera_ro_zipfs software package in the BSP editor. 



I did modify the files so that the hardware such as the LED_PIO are named correctly in the C files. 



When I try to build the project I get the following two errors: 

undefined reference to `install_menu' demo_control.c line 55  

undefined reference to `stooges' line 0  



These definitions can be found in menu.h which is in <projectname>_bsp/iniche/src/h/ 



Why can't the project access these definitions? Do I need to change something so that these definitions get linked properly to the software files like demo_control.c? The header of demo_control.c has a# include "menu.h" statement, so why is that not sufficient? 



I am a relative beginner to FPGA and C programming, and I am self-taught, so explanations of relevant concepts or terms are especially helpful to me. 


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