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Situation with Interrupts

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I have a strange Problem with INterrupts.  


I have a single Thread application which after initialisation of several parameters, registers and enables an Interrupt and then proceeds to periodically do some operation in a while loop.  


Since today morning without any warning the software is acting up. Once the interrupt is enabled, the program does not execute any of the lines that come after. But the interrupt has been successfully enabled and I have set up breakpoints in the ISR to see if it is being executed.  


What can cause such a situation?? Enabling on interrupt stops the rest of the program. Have any of you had a similar problem.
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Hallo again, 


Some more information.. If I disable this interrupt. Then everything else runs smoothly.. .. But I need this interrupt since it is integral to the specification of my device... Do you guys have any idea what might be the potential causes for such a behaviour?
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Does your ISR actually request the hardware remove the IRQ? 

Is the hardware requesting another interrupt faster than the code can actually service the previos request. 


Breakpointcode code that uses interrupts is not necessarily useful. 

Even printf()s can slow the code down too much. 

Often it is necessary to write trace entries into an array - and look at it later.