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Software files for my custom component

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i am developing my first app with NIOS II and i have made a custom component in SOPC builder. 


I can't find any useful example or tutorial on how add the informations of my component to the SDK environment (e.g. system.h).  

I would like to know also how to make the .h files (e.g. my_component_regs.h) like every others altera components already in the ip catalog 


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The system.h file is generated automatically by the IDE when you build the bsp. It obtains the info from the *.sopcinfo file generated by sopc builder. 

You create the my_component_regs.h file by hand and include it in the include path of the compiler. The my_component_regs.h file will reference the *BASE define in the system.h file. See the section "Accessing Hardware" in the NIOS II Software Developers Handbook for more info.
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Chapter 13 of the Nios II software developers handbook has the info you are looking for. So for example if you made a UART and had the baud rate as a parameter you can use the stuff discussed in chapter 13 to inject that baud rate into system.h