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Sourcery codebench Virtual edition download

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i want to test peripherals of Arria 10 SoC. Since i dont have hardware i am planning to use Arria 10 Virtual platform. As per my understanding Sourcery codebench virtual edition IDE can be used to validate and debug Arria 10 Virtual platform. But i didn't notice any download links to download the IDE. Could any one please help me with the issue? 


Can anyone please suggest another IDE which i can validate and debug Arria 10 virtual platform if available? 


Thanks in advance
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There is a 30-day trial of the Sourcery IDE on Mentor's website ( I don't know of any alternatives to it though (to be honest, I didn't even know Sourcery until now). 


Kind regards 

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Please let me know, how to make use of Virtual Platform validating/testing the following devices/interfaces : 


1. Can we validate/test/debug the drivers for devices/interfaces like eMMC, MicroSD, UART, I2C, RTC, DDR, NOR Flash, QSPI & JTAG in absence of actual hardware/evaluation board? 

2. When configured the registers of UART through driver, how to validate its effect/debug in absence of hardware? How to see software/hardware interaction, including peripheral register tracing? 

3. How Virtual Platform responds to behave like actual hardware/evaluation board? Does it provide functional emulation/simulation or register level debugging?