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Starting a user program from the Pre-loader.

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I had generated the preloader image by following the steps given in  

I had programmed the preloader file using hps.exe software. 


and after power-on reset the Preloader is working fine. That is I could able to receive the serail communication comments through UART. 


My query is .., 


I have run an user code to blink the LED. I had written the code and compiled using ARMDs-5 IDE.  


How to load the user written code after the preloader and start executing it ????? 


Could you please give me suggestion or tips to execute the usercode from the preloader.
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There is common way right? You may bring the path and application name to the kernel as a boot parameter for init, then kernel will only start the init process itself  

try look at this(see: Traditionally this application then handles starting daemons, geTTYs, etc. 


Most boot loaders allow you to specify a path for the init app as part of the configuration for where to find the kernel. 


as example:- /boot/vmlinuz-n.n.n init=/path/to/theapp
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there are quite number of example for this, bare metal is part of the example... that located in the Altera installation folder it self for reference.