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Steps to embed NIOS Code into .pof file

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I am using a Cyclone IV E FPGA and using active serial to configure my device. I am using Quartus v 13.0 SP1, with NIOS II and QSYS. I can comunicate with the board and program it with Quartus, but when I try to incorporate a NIOS Processor, I am having issues. This is what I have done so far: 


1: Built my SOPC system with onchip memory. In here, I have checked the "enable non-default initialization file" option. After this, I generate my SOPC system. 

2: I Open the NIOS IDE and create a new "NIOS II Application and BSP from template". I select the correct SOPC file and follow the steps. 

3: I create my c program and build the project. 

4: I check to see if the .hex file has been updated, and verify that it has been updated according to the timestamp. 


Up until here, everything works fine. 


As far as I understand, the next step is to go back to my SOPC Builder (QSYS), and regenerate the system. When I do this, I get an error that says that QSYS failed to generate my onchip_memory module. 


I would appreciate any help in figuring out why this is happening. 



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I am trying to do the same thing. Have you learned anything? 


At the moment, though, my .hex file isn't being updated. Any thoughts?