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Superloop 11.0sp1 DHCP Crashes

I am running the superloop simple socket server 3c120 example for 11.0sp1 on a custom board. It works fine with DHCP disabled but with DHCP enabled (*use_dhcp = 1), the entire program crashes at that point. It doesn't time out; it completely dies.  


Looking at Wireshark, nothing is ever being sent. 


Does anyone have any suggestions on how to debug this? 


Here is the output: 

bash-3.1$ nios2-terminal nios2-terminal: connected to hardware target using JTAG UART on cable nios2-terminal: "USB-Blaster ", device 1, instance 0 nios2-terminal: (Use the IDE stop button or Ctrl-C to terminate) Superloop Program Starting... calling netmain_init() InterNiche Portable TCP/IP, v3.1 Copyright 1996-2008 by InterNiche Technologies. All rights reserved. prep_tse_mac 0 Your Ethernet MAC address is 00:07:ed:01:23:45 prepped 1 interface, initializing... INFO : TSE MAC 0 found at address 0x10000000 INFO : PHY Marvell 88E1111 found at PHY address 0x12 of MAC Group INFO : PHY - Automatically mapped to tse_mac_device INFO : PHY - Restart Auto-Negotiation, checking PHY link... INFO : PHY - Auto-Negotiation PASSED MARVELL : Mode changed to RGMII/Modified MII to Copper mode MARVELL : Enable RGMII Timing Control MARVELL : PHY reset INFO : PHY - Checking link... INFO : PHY - Link not yet established, restart auto-negotiation... INFO : PHY - Restart Auto-Negotiation, checking PHY link... INFO : PHY - Auto-Negotiation PASSED INFO : PHY - Link established INFO : PHY - Speed = 1000, Duplex = Full OK, x=0, CMD_CONFIG=0x00000000 MAC post-initialization: CMD_CONFIG=0x0400020b RX descriptor chain desc (1 depth) created mctest init called IP address of et1 : nios2-terminal: exiting due to I/O error communicating with target
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I figured out this problem was due to the cticks alarm not being started correctly.

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Hello Kriska, 


I am trying to use superloop on 3C120 board , in avery first stage i run the script "./create-this-app" and it generate an error saying that "include.h no such file or directories", i have post my issue on  


i have download the project from and the file is  


20110828_superloop_sss_plus_3c120_marvell_11.0sp1.tgz - the development source archive, i have follow the instruction like not putting any space in between name , unzip using command tar -xzf <file name> etc.