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System Verilog not supported by Component Editor/SOPC Builder?

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I wrote a component in a ".sv" file, the module is like this: 

module ir_det_ctrl # ( parameter CH = 3 )( //avl memory map slave input avl_clk, input avl_reset, input avl_read, input avl_write, input avl_address, input avl_writedata, output avl_readdata, output reg avl_irq, //conduit end input signed IrStn, input IrStnEn, output reg IrPwr );  

The number of "IrStn" signal can be parameterized by "CH". 


Such a coding style can be synthesised by quartus but when I create component in Component Editor, it says: 


--- Quote Start ---  

Error: Error: Error (10867): Verilog HDL or VHDL XML Interface error at port "IrStn" has an unsupported type File: .../ Line: 39 


--- Quote End ---  



Why SOPC Builder can not support system verilog coding while infact quartus supports it??? 


PS: I'm using quartus 11.0 without sp... what about new versions?
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