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TRACE Debug on Cyclone V HPS - has anyone used DSTREAM

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I am trying to use the TRACE Port peripheral on the HPS in a Cyclone V SE device. I cannot seem to get the TRACE signals coming out of the device properly to run the TRACE Capture using the DSTREAM 4GB Trace Buffer. I'm not sure the peripheral and pin MUX settings have been generated properly for my project because the data lines never seem to toggle. 


I have been able to run the TRACE capture in DS-5 using DSTREAM over the JTAG interface. This works as expected. Unfortunately, I cannot say the same about the parallel TRACE peripheral interface. 


Has anyone tried to use the DSTREAM TRACE peripheral interface? Was it successful or did you run into similar problems? 


If you had success, what device did you target? (I am trying to connect to a 5CSEBA2U23C7SN device.)
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I have successfully used the DSTREAM external tracing. It was done on the Altera Cyclone V Development Kit, which uses 5CSXFC6D6F31C6N.  


See the video at, maybe it can help. 


Note that the Mictor connector has both the JTAG and the parallel tracing signals.  

Also note that you need the Preloader to be ran before you can trace. That is because the Preloader configures the tracing pins as described in the hardware project.
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Hi Radu, 


Thank you for the reply! That video had the little bit of information I was missing... 


I needed to un-check the box labeled "Check board is correctly configured before attempting to capture trace in DSTREAM buffer" 


BTW, do you know what the "Check board ..." is actually looking for before starting to use TRACE?? 



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Hi Adam, 


The "Check Board" should make sure that the pins are correctly configured for tracing.  


The latest version of the tools seems to have some trouble detecting that. This is a known issue, that is being investigated. 


Since you already know that the Preloader configured the pins accordingly, you do not actually need this check. 



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Thanks for the info! This is helpful and would have saved me a tremendous amount of time if I could have found that "known issue" identified somewhere. Thank you very much for posting the video! 



- Adam