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The BSP Editor unable to edit or create the HPS BSP

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Hi, All: 


I create a QSys system for my Cyclone V SoC chip, and according to the manual, I need to create the BSP for the chips then I can run my QSys system correctly. 

According to the manual, I open the Embedded Command Shell.bat in Administrator, and enter  


bsp-editor &  


to open the BSP Editor. 

But in the BSP Editor, I see the menu File -> New HPS BSP... is gray, I can not click on it. 


I try to open a example bsp file in the CD of my development board, the BSP Editor reported several errors, and can not open them. 

The errors like: 


Available BSP type values for the --type argument are: BSP type "spl" unknown NullPointerException 


I see that is a error due to the BSP Editor can not find the HPS BSP Informations. 

I try to reinstall the software, even install in my virtual machine, but all of them are got same erros. 

What's wrong with my approach? 

Thank you very much. 

Dmitri Abramovic
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Hi All, 

I solve this problem by reinstall the Quartus and SoC Suite in a Directory that does NOT CONTAIN SPACES. 

Originally I installed it in H:\Quartus XVII\SoC Suite, it doesn't work, 

now I install it in H:\Quartus\SoC, it works fine. 

Dmitri Abramovic