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The software build error about onchip_ram overflowed

I made a qsys system which has nios II and onchip ram. The ram size is 8KB. Then I just create a template project "hello world" in Nios II Eclipse. Then I try to build the project but get errors: 




region `cpu_subsystem_onchip_ram' overflowed by 27332 bytes hello_world C/C++ Problem 


So it looks like the problem is caused by the ram size is too small. I can configure the bsp property to reduce the file size. But I am a little confused is when the software running in FPGA, the whole program will be put inside the onchip ram? 




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Anyone can help? 


The thing makes me confuse is because based on my basic understanding about the embedded system, the program is stored in flash (like the hard drive in desktop computer or laptop), then the program is loaded into memory to execute. I think it should be similar as in Nios II system. But it looks like at least in debugging stage, the program is stored inside the onchip ram ?