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Timestamp Timer Problem

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I'm using Quartus 12.0 SP1 with SOPC Builder and have a Problem with my Timestamp Timer. 



I implement in my SOPC-System a Timer with 1ms and "Fixed period" and "readable snapshot". After that I generate the NIOS II and compile my VHDL-Project. 


In the NIOS II IDE I implement this timer as timestamp timer. 


My C-Code is the following: 

unsignedint uiTimeMeas1,uiTimeMeas2; int iTicks,iTimestampStart; uiTimeMeas1 = alt_timestamp(); iTimestampStart = alt_timestamp_start(); uiTimeMeas2 = alt_timestamp(); iTicks = alt_timestamp_freq();  




The result If I Debug this Code is my Problem: 


uiTimeMeas1 4294885376 

iTimestampStart 0  

uiTimeMeas2 4294885412  

iTicks 81920000  


I think uiTimeMeas2 is to big and alt_timesamp_start() doesn't work correct. 


Can anybody help me. 


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