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Transceiver toolkits example modification

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I want to modify (sv_1ch_40b_10312mbps) trasciever toolkits example so that send GOLD codes sequence instead to PRBS . 

I will use GOLD codes sequence to encode random data at transmiter side and decode it at reciever side and then check if there is error occurred. 

I have tried to modify "altera_avalon_data_pattern_generator.v” file and Compile the project, program the device, and run the Transceiver Toolkit,When i run link tests, channel color highlights yellow . 

Moreover , I have tried to make small modification in the design , for example in the below part of "altera_avalon_data_pattern_generator.v” file i replace the  


prbs[0] <= prbs[0] ^ prbs[3] ^ prbs[4] ^ prbs[6] ; 



prbs[0] <= prbs[0] ^ prbs[3] ^ prbs[4] ^ prbs[5] ; 


unfortunately , i have gotten the same problem . 



part from "altera_avalon_data_pattern_generator.v” file 

if (ST_DATA_W == 32) begin 

always @(posedge aso_clk or posedge reset) begin 

if (reset) begin 

prbs <= ~0; 

end else begin 

if (state == ST_IDLE) begin 

prbs <= ~0; 


if (advance_prbs) begin 

case (pattern_select) 

SEL_PRBS_7 : begin 

// PRBS 2^7-1 (T[7,6]) (parallel 40-bit serializer) 

prbs[0] <= prbs[0] ^ prbs[3] ^ prbs[4] ^ prbs[5] ; 

prbs[1] <= prbs[1] ^ prbs[4] ^ prbs[5] ^ prbs[6] ; 

prbs[2] <= prbs[0] ^ prbs[2] ^ prbs[5] ; 


Can you please help me to solve my problem? 

Thanks in advance.
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I’m interesting with this example, the problem that I need to change the generator and checker and lets the other part of the design. 

Please if there are some one that he have a tutorial or an example to do something like this, it will be appreciate.  


Thank you for your cooperation.