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Trouble Linux uvcvideo video streaming

Honored Contributor II

HI everyone, 


I am reaching different bugs when trying to stream video data using Altera Sockit board. Apparently, it has to do with some issue in the uvc/usbcore drivers where it is unable to transfer frames greater than QVGA. When enabling the uvcvideo trace I get the folowing output in dmesg repeated a hundred times: 


uvcvideo: Dropping payload (out of sync). 

uvcvideo: Marking buffer as bad (error bit set). 


As anyone experienced this before or tried to stream video data using the usb 2.0 OTG controller? 

Here is my configuration: 


- Altera Sockit 


- GSRD last release files  


- Linux distribution: Linaro Quantal 13.04 or Angstrom v2014.06 


- Kernel 3.14 

- Webcam Logitech C905
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