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Trouble with AUD_ADCDAT

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Hello, I'm currently working on a school project using the altera de2 board. My project is based on the i2sound demonstration. I need to show that it is possible to display the digital values being converted by the wm8731 audio codec, on any of the boards displayinterfaces.  

Currently I'm attempting to display this by simply getting the leds to blink, or possibly just turn on when music is being streamed from the Line IN input. 


I've verified that the i2sound demonstration works correctly by connecting an mp3 player to the Line IN, along with a headset (Line OUT) and a microphone (MIC). Secondly, I've tried setting up and connecting a simple shiftregister, using the Quartus II megafunction, to the AUD_ADCDAT as serial input, as well as AUD_BCKL as the clock, producing an 8 bit parallell output. My primary intention was to connect this 8 bit output to the LCD display, but for practicality(?) I've decided just to use leds for the time being.  


i2sound demonstration is written as verilog, which I have no experience with, hence I use VHDL for the connecting modules. :p  


At the moment I've connected one of the 8 bit parallell outputs to pin_AE23, LEDR0 via pin planner, and as a result the led is allways lit, with no regard to wether I play music or not. 


Is there any obvious fault to my design, especially considering the permalit led? :confused:  


Thanks for any comments! :)
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Hi, I'm currently working on my Final Year Project. I've a similar task which is try to display / output the digitised audio signal from the ADC using the Wolfson Audio Codec.  

Thus, did you manage to solve the problem as stated above and display it out? 

I would like to ask which converted digital values you're trying to display on the LEDs? the real time microphone signals / the line in audio signals? 


Thank You.:)