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Trouble with setting up Ethernet

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Hello, guys! 

I am a beginner on learning FPGA, 

recently my professor ask my to transmit the data from the FPGA to a LAN or internet via ethernet, and I am deeply troubled by this 



First, I try to follow the tutorial on "Using Triple-Speed Ethernet 

on DE2-115 Boards" 

However I found out that it also needs to use NIOS II, however, I already use it for computation purpose before. I want the data transmission and the computation to process at the same time. 

Is there any way that I can do this let NIOS execute two different codes at the same time? 


Also, I found out that instead of storing the code in SDRAM, the tutorial store the code in "Altera Monitor Program" - on chip memory, 

will it infer any conflicts?  



I also thought about build two nios on the system, is this possible?  

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