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U-boot problem using 3C120

Honored Contributor II

Hi , 


Devboard: 3C120 

OS: UClinux 

Up: NIOS2 


I have followed the instruction in this link "alterawikiDOTcom_wiki_DasUBoot" to implement UBOOT. I have run the defualt with no problem using (nios2-generic.h and custom_fpga.h).. 


when I try to do this procedure for 3C120 according to this link "alterawikiDOTcom_wiki_ guide to 3c120 with u-boot"... I always get this error: 

"altera_pio.c:77: error: 'LED_PIO_WIDTH' undeclared here (not in a function)" . 


I have tried to diff the custom_fpga.h and 3c120_fpga.h and I see the different naming convetions on the PIO.. I have tried to comment them out but still gave me error.. 

See attchment please.. 

Hope someone could help me.. I have too far on this project prelims.. I have to get this uboot working because the product will be encapsulated and would be very much appreciated if we could programm the chip externall without opening the product..
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Honored Contributor II

Could you upload your "custom_fpga.h" File?

Honored Contributor II

Hi Raul, 


I have already resolve the problem.. thanks for the reponse anyway..