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USB Host, uClinux and Nios II mmu - kernel unaligned access



I did a no mmu niosII platform with uClinux booting (test-nios2 branch). I use an Open Core USB Host. All works fine. I can read and write in a USB Key. 


I try to port it to an mmu niosII platform.  

I use uClinux unstable-nios2mmu branch. uClinux boots fine, the driver of the Open Core USB Host works fine (for exemple during the probe, there is a reading to the Open Core Version register, there are no kernel errors and the value returned is fine), but when I plug a USB Key or a Keyboard in my board, I have kernel error : 



kernel unaligned access @ 0xd014d424; BADADDR 0xd015b302; cause=7, isn=0x183ee83a 



I checked with SignalTap II, and the reading and writing access to the Open Core USB Host work fine... 


So my question is : are the USB, SCSI, HID, Mass Storage supported by the MMU of the NiosII? Because the only change between my first platform and the mmu platform is the mmu. 


Thank you for your help. 

Best regards. 


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