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Ubuntu 13.04 : Can't connect to the Altera website to check for license file update

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I have just install Quartus II (32-bit Version Buid 178 05/31/2012 SJ Full Version) on my Ubuntu 13.04 and have the message "Warning (291002): Can't connect to the Altera website to check for license file updates -- check your Internet connection and/or browser settings" 

(and I have the "View New Quartus II information" button in red into Quartus II) 


=> what have I to make for to correct this ?
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Honored Contributor I

Note that I have already add "/usr/bin/firefox" into the Tools/Licence Setup/Internet Connectivity/Web Browser entry but always the same problem :( 


update : I have make a mv into the  

/opt/Altera/quartus/linux repertory (I have installed Quartus into /opt/Altera/quartus) 

=> now Firefox was automatically loaded when I ask a "Web Licence Update" but this is for to see a "Page not found" at Altera site :(  

(same thing with /usr/bin/chromium-browser as the browser) 


update 2 : I think that I don't have downloaded the good Quartus version because I see this into the /opt/altera/altera_installer_12.0.log  

Selected Features: ------------------ * Quartus II Subscription Edition (includes Nios II EDS) * ModelSim-Altera Starter Edition (Free)  

=> I test with the Quartus II Web Edition v13.0 instead ... 


But I really think that it's an error from Altera that to not directly provide the DVD into the box pack when we **BUY** the Nios II Embeded Evaluation Kit  

(instead to only provide one little paper page that say where we can download the Altera Complete Design Suite ...)
Honored Contributor I

I have dowload/install the Quartus II Web Edition v13.0.0 and rename to and this seem to work :) 


So, I have dowloaded the dave2_evalkit_2.7_altera-20130405.ziop file from TES and have tested to compile it ... 

=> Full Compilation was NOT successful (12 errors, 46 warnings :( 


I have this at the end of the compilation process : 

Error (292014): Can't find valid feature line for core DAVE2D (294F_D227) in current license Error (10003): Can't open encrypted VHDL or Verilog HDL file "/home/yannoo/Devel/FPGA/Altera/dave2_evalkit_2.7_altera-20130405/quartus/dave2/altera_3c25_neek/db/ip/altera_3c25_neek/submodules/dave2_enc.vhd" -- current license file does not contain a valid license for encrypted file Info (12021): Found 0 design units, including 0 entities, in source file db/ip/altera_3c25_neek/submodules/dave2_enc.vhd Error: Quartus II 32-bit Analysis & Synthesis was unsuccessful. 10 errors, 46 warnings Error: Peak virtual memory: 380 megabytes Error: Processing ended: Thu Jun 20 00:29:20 2013 Error: Elapsed time: 00:04:27 Error: Total CPU time (on all processors): 00:04:25 Error (293001): Quartus II Full Compilation was unsuccessful. 12 errors, 46 warnings  


=> where can I find a very basic/simple demo with some 2D (or better 3D) graphics outputs that don't need licence(s) ???  

(licences prices/limitations seem **REALLY** to be a big problem when we **ONLY** want to begin with FPGA devel on Altera products ...)