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Update of TSE Core in Quartus 13.1

Honored Contributor II

I have just updated the TSE core in 13.1 and it doesn't work. I have a working TSE Qsys design that worked in 13.0. Has anyone found any problem with this new updated core ? I had to re-configure all the parameters and update all the connections - however I checked everything and I all looks good. I also checked the updated manual to see if there is any additions and changes in the new core that have to be implemented - but I didn't find anything significant ! Can anyone help me ?

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Did you solved your problem? I tried compiling Board Update Project example for Cyclone V GT board and got some timing violations when using 13.1, and the TSE is working poorly (data gets corrupted). I also saw that TimeQuest wrongly assumes that clock on the clock mux is a data and tries to optimize that path.