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Update to SOPC Builder, then what steps in NIOS II?

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Once an update or change has been made to SOPC Builder what are the proper steps to take to update the entire system? 


1.) Compile in Quartus? 

2.) Program FPGA 

3.) Re-Generate BSP? 

4.) Build ALL and Run as Hardware? 


While changing some things around to an existing working system, I am now getting errors that say 'Downloading ELF Process Failed'. 


>>>The only way I can seem to get things to work again is start a new NIOS II project re-load the new SOPCinfo file and copy and paste my main() C Code. Then everything is working.
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I am sure that you simulated SOPC after changes done. 

You listed out the exact number of steps required to update the system. 

I don't think you should get that error unless erroneous change in SOPC. 

If still not working,then you can take files ( such as sopcinfo ) "before error" and "after error" and compare and see what causes it to flash an error. 

If you find any useful info from these,please let us know.
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Ok i think I understand the problem. Rather than just re-generate BSP, you actually need to create a new BSP from the new sopcinfo file. This works.