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Upload Data via NIOS2 Command Shell

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Hello, my intention is to read data from NIOS memory (e.g. onchip RAM or SRAM) via the NIOS2 Command Shell. I have running a script and want to read at a special memory address, which is written by the Nios II processor. I think there must be a possibility to "upload" data from the Command Shell, because the "nios2-download" command executes a verify after downloading data to memory. Does anybody have experience with this topic? In other words, I'm looking for a possibility to change information between a running Nios II SW and my script (a simple print to terminal is not helpful). Greetings

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you could use a simple UART-based protocol between your host machine (PC with a skript, or C-Code) and the NIOS. 

The most simple implementation is to use putchar and getchar?!
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I would suggest using the System Console for that. You can read and write directly to any Avalon component (such as the on-chip memory) using simple TCL commands. Have a read at the document 

At page 10-16 there are many examples on how to use this tool including how to read/write to on-chip memory.