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Use full C library for Nios II on DE2 Board

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Hello Everyone, 

I'm trying to program a Nios II on a DE2 Board and to use the normal or full C libraries. When I build my software project with the corresponding version of Eclipse, I get an error message:  

../../nios2-elf/bin/ld.exe: Test_Project.elf section `.text' will not fit in region `onchip_mem' ../../nios2-elf/bin/ld.exe: region `onchip_mem' overflowed by 8192 bytesIf I increase the memory size of the onchip-mem about 8 kB, the Nios II-Design doesn't fit into the Cyclone II FPGA anymore. If I try to store this .text section I another memory (e.g. SDRAM), Nios II doesn't do anything. 

Other programs using the small C library are workling fine, but for a new project I need the complete library. 


Can someone help me or know how to solve this problem?? 


Greetings & thank you very much!
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Have you move the reset and exception pointers into the SDRAM? 

Does the SDRAM work at all (eg from a small test program)? Through the data cache, and bypassing the cache. 


Write smaller code :-)
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Hey, thank you for the reply. 

The SDRAM is working. Memory checks were successful. 


How to move these pointers to the SDRAM exactly? I would this Nios II BSP editor you can find PROJECT_NAME_BSP -> properties -> Nios II BSP Properties -> BSP Editor... and then the tab "Linker Script".
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I think the values with the nios part of the SOPC builder need changing. 

It also depends on how you are actually downloading the code. 


I don't compile/load code by any 'normal' means and it is a while since I've used one of the dev kits.