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Using NicheStack with Superloop

I want to run NicheStack without an RTOS by using the superloop method in the 11.0sp1 Nios II SBT development environment. I downloaded the Superloop SSS Plus example which is designed to run on the 3C120 development kit. However, I have the NEEK 3C25 dev kit, and ultimately want to get the NicheStack S/W running on my 3C25 custom board (after all, isn't that the point). 


It is nice to have the 3C120 example as a reference, but there is very little discussion as to what was changed from the original SSS Plus (MicroC/OS-II) version. I've spent hours studying the patch files and source code to get an idea of what is different, and I think I have a pretty good idea of what needs to be done, but one issue is keeping me from moving forward. 


When I use the Nios II for Eclipse SBT to create a new BSP, the altera_iniche option does not show up in the Software Packages tab of the BSP editor if the BSP is created as a HAL-only OS and not MicroC/OS-II.  


My question, therefore, is do I create a HAL BSP and copy the NicheStack S/W from the example BSP, OR do I create a MicroC/OS-II BSP, make the NicheStack superloop patches then remove all of the MicroC stuff??? 


Could someone please advise as to the proper (least painful) method?
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A least painful solution would be using LwIP. I use it and it works perfectly fine :)

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Thank you Socrates!  


I have avoided going with LwIP due to some negative posts I've read about it on the forum - mostly due to lack of detail. I'm encouraged by your comment, so I will look further into it. I would very much appreciate any hints or suggestions you could provide to ease the pain. :-) 


I need telnet, FTP and Web server features in my design. Are these available in LwIP?