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Verify failed between adress ... on very simple design

Hi everyone, 


i know this subject has been discussed a lot of times, but i don't find any solution for my case.  

I 'm working on a DE2 115 board trying to get a TCP stack on uCos. 

As usual, i do my SoC with a nios 2 and so on... 

But when i tried to download the .elf to the system i got this great message that tells me "failed to download .elf" and a "verify failed between address x80000 and ...". This address range corresponds to my main memory. 


So, i did a very simple design with a nios2, jtag uart and mem of 65536 Bytes, just to see the behavior, and guess what? it doesn't work neither and tells me the same message. 


I did a project 6 months ago with 11.1 version of Quartus and i never encountered this problem. 

Since i installed the new 13.1 version a week ago, i got this message on all my old designs.  


Is it possible that 13.1 hates me? I never cheated it, or maybe one time. This was a night, MicroSemi just told me how beautiful i was, and i... No, i just don't want to remember. 


If someone has the solution, i take it. Thank you.
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Quartus 10 and 11 seem to be avoided because they are the transitions from SOPC to QSYS. 


How did you make your simple design ? from scratch or from templates ? 


common causes are : 

reset signal, watchdog... 

timings of mem 

wrong Qsys found (if you don't have sysid...) are ignored sysid/timestamp 


Have you tried with an other board ?
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Thanks for your reply 


Is the sysid IP from Qsys mandatory? 


and yes, i tried on another de2 115 board.  

You're right, i should try it on my other cyclone3 board.
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i'm sorry i forgot to tell you that my design was from scratch. I tried with the "triple speed ethernet" from altera ftp but same problem.

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Hi again, 

problem was solved by deleting inverter on KEY(0) which was used for reset.  

I just want to die... so confused 

Thank you mmTsuchi for your advices. Have a nice week end