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Video-in port in DE1-SoC Computer System availability

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In the DE1-SoC Computer System Manual (available in the University program) in the main schematic appears a TV Decoder Video-in input port. 

But no furter details is available in the manual. Moreover looking inside the Qsys structure of the DE1-SoC Computer System it seemes that this port is not present !  


An error in the schematics I presume !?
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See page 35 of the User Manual. My DE1-SoC has U4, a TV decoder, near the video input socket.

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Thank you ... 

... but I'm not speaking about the DE1_SoC Board !! I know it includes the TV Decoder. 

I'm speaking about the "DE1 Soc Computer System" provided by the Altera University Program (it which is a pre-assembled configuration of a NIOS, an ARM process and several others facilities that you can download on your board and program)