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Want full SD card image AND matching kernel sources from Rocketboards

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Have Arrow SoCKit.  


Simply want both the full SD card image (pre-loader, bootloader, Linux kernel, dtb, root file system) which I will use to boot SoCKit, AND I want the kernel sources that correspond to the kernel running in the full SD card image. 


I cannot figure out how to do this on The versioning there is beyond my comprehension.  


I can use any release that will run on SoCKit, so long as the kernel sources match the prebuilt image on the SD card. I am building a kernel module, so I need that match. 


Can anyone please help?
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I'm going to withdraw the above question.  


I started looking at the updated Rocketboards site for 14.0 SoCKit, and believe I can figure it out. I believe my trouble was with the older version 13.1. With 14.0, all the resources I need seem to be obtainable from 


Will update if I run into trouble. Thanks.