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Want to run NicheStack under NIOS ISS

I would like to use the NIOS ISS to run my "C" code instead of the actual Altera development board (it's not available to me at the moment). My code uses the NicheStack TCP functions (like "connect"). As soon as the code hits the "connect" function the simulator crashes. There are plenty of messages from NicheStack prior to this that indicate the NicheStack s/w is present and happy. Am I trying to do something that isn't supported? My "C" code is simply trying to connect to a port on the locahost (address I have my server up prior to this and with another test program I can connect to it successfully but when inste3d running with the NIOS ISS, nothing connects - just the crash. 


One last thought - is it possible that once the NicheStack s/w gets to the point it wants to interact with an 802.3 PHY layer, it cannot (since we're in a simulator not a dev. board) and this results in a failure?
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I'm pretty sure the ISS will not simulate a Ethernet interface, so you can't run the stack on a simulator. 

But the Interniche stack uses the standard BSD sockets API that you also find on Unix or Windows, so nothing prevents you from testing your code on your native platform with a regular C compiler instead.