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What can I do for 'Main Optimizer failed' error in Intel HLS?

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My component has two stream in inputs and one stream out output.  

The two inputs pass through the Shift register and perform multiply operations between the elements.  

x86 execution is not a problem. An error such as the following occurs when executing build.bat test-fpga.  


"Instruction does not dominate all users!" 


One stream in is a blocking read, and the other stream in is a non-blocking read.  

Changing both data to non-blocking causes the same error.  


Shift register has no errors, and errors occur when multiplying the elements.  

The data type is ac_fixed, and is an operation of 8bit and 1bit.  


I uses Quartus 17.1 version. What can I do?
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Can you share the command prompt log, .cpp & .bat files? 


Best Regards, 

Anand Raj Shankar 

(This message was posted on behalf of Intel Corporation)
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Dear Mr. Anand 


I am sorry. I can't share any files because of our company policy. 


But I add pseudo code. build.bat is changed only cpp filename and -ghdl option for test-fpga.  


# include <> 



typedef ac_fixed<8,8,false> fixed8; 

typedef ac_fixed<1,1,false> fixed1; 

typedef ac_fixed<10,10,false> fixed10; 


component void func(stream_in<fixed8> a, stream_in<fixed1> b, stream_out<fixed10> c) { 

hls_init_on_reset static fixed8 d[xx]; 

hls_init_on_reset static fixed1 e[xx]; 


for (){ 

// Non blocking read1  

bool success = false; 

fixed8 data = a.tryRead(success); 

if (success) { 

//Shift register 

# pragma unroll 

for ... 

d[] = data;  


// Non blocking read2 

bool success1 = false; 

fixed8 data1 = b.tryRead(success1); 

if (success1) { 

//Shift register 

# pragma unroll 

for ... 

e[] = data1;  


//--------------- The following makes error ---------------- 

fixed10 m = d[] *e[]; 






int main() { 

//Generate stream in data and buffer 


// Invoke component 


return 0; 


That's all. What can I do?