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What is DDR2 Clock Frequency Setting (Affect Niche Stack and VIC functionality)...?

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Dear Friend's 


I am using Altera ESDK-Cyclone-III board 


My Application is to collect data from Synchronous port (1 Mbps) and forward it to Ethernet Port (TCP packets) & for testing i am using RS232 Port. but both ports and Vectored Interrupt Controller (VIC) won't work at time  


1. Setting ddr2_bot clock from 165 to 150 mhz Results  

1.1 Quartus: Critical Warning: Timing not met 

1.2 Ping Stop Responding 

1.3 VIC receive all the interrupt 



2. Setting ddr2_bot clock from 150 to 125 mhz Results  

2.1. Quartus: Critical warning removed: Timing not met 

2.2. Ping Stop Responding 

2.3. VIC Collect all the Interrupt 



3. Setting ddr2_bot clock back to 165 mh Results  

3.1 Quartus: Critical Warning: Timing not met 

3.2 Ping Responding 

3.3 VIC not able to receive all the interrupt 

3.4 after interrupt activity ping also stop responding 




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Attached is my SOPC File for Reference....