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What sw tools do i need for a bare-metal design?

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As the title says. 


For compiling i may want to use the "arm-none-eabi" cross toolchain with newlib. 

Could i do some useful debugging with openocd&gcc via the byteblaster? 


Is there a example startup.S or can i adapt parts of the preloader sources?
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In SoC EDS is present many examples of startup.S (c:/altera/14.0/embedded/ds-5/examples) for many boards. 

Also in this last version baremetal compiler utilites is renamed to arm-altera-eabi-*. 

If you will find free good soft for developing non-Linux apps on Altera boards, please describe here in detail with direct links ! 

Recommended DS-5 Altera Edition is very crude and not free. 

I think that ByteBlaster may be used with appropriate connector to JTAGs, only will be slow speed.
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In SoC EDS is present many examples of startup.S (c:/altera/14.0/embedded/ds-5/examples) for many boards. 


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I just installed Q14 Web and don't have the "embedded" folder. 

Is this from ARM-DS or the subscription edition? 


Seems one has to spend quite some money to be able to do a simple bare metal C-V SoC design and also will not be able to use his "good old" known arm-gnu toolchain with openocd. 


I think about using separate devices mcu + fpga for flexibility and cost again, because i think the FPGA companies still need some time to get "SoC" easy and low cost to work with.
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Dowload and read ug_soc_eds.pdf from Altera site all from top to bottom ! 

DS-5-AE from SoC EDS may be used free for onboard Linux developing, and 30-days license for B-M may be free. 

All files in folders may be readed absolutely free after install... :)