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Where does Eclipse get the NIOS memory map?

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I am trying to bring up my Cyclone V design with (among other things) inlcudes a NIOS CPU 


I started the "Nios II software build tools for Eclipse" and followed the steps to create a "Hello world" project. 


Everything went as I expected it to, except I didn't get my "hello world".  


The one glaring issue is that the "summary.html" file shows an incorrect memory map. According to the summary, it is looking for the DRAM to be up at 0x4000_0000 and all the peripherals at low memory with the JTAG UART at 0x0000_0108 and "onchip memory" at 0x1000_0000 


But my design has DRAM starting at 0x0000_0000, the boot rom at 0x7000_0000 and the JTAG uart at 0x6000_0108 


The summary file lists all the peripherals & memory that I have, so it isn't pulling up some totally random memory map, but they are not in the correct location. 


What do I do about this? 


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Hi Rod, 


If suspecting memory map. 

1.Regenerate the qsys system. 

2.To ensure that the memory map of the system you create matches the memory map of other components,you must verify the base addresses for the memory tester system.  

In Qsys, on the Address Map tab, verify/edit that the entries in Address Map ensure there are no overlapping addresses 


3.In Qsys,on the System bar click assign base addresses. 


If you are sure system is generated without error ensure 

1.Clock assignment and mapping done correctly?  


Best Regards, 

Anand Raj Shankar 

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There are a number of things that I haven't figured out regarding the operation of the Eclipse program. 


One is how to get the tool to do a complete build from scratch. Apparently, when I click on 'Build Project' it doesn't always start from scratch. I noticed that the summary.html file was old and wasn't being updated with every build. 


I finally used the BSP editor to alter the settings.bsp file. I didn't actually make any changes other than the timestamp on the file. This did the trick, the Eclipse tool created a new summary.html file with all the proper memory map. 


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right click the BSP package go down to nios and select generate BSP. That will adjust your memory addresses. Also for rebuilding I found right clicking selecting build configurations and then hitting enter works better than just rebuilding because it also cleans the files