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a calculator using altera monitor program

Honored Contributor II

I am working on altera De2-70 board, using altera monitor program. i am continuously getting errors for syntax in c on altera monitor program. does it use different syntax or just same as c programming? 












/* //the worked simple blink code  

# define switches (volatile char *) 0x0002000  

# define leds (char *) 0x0002010  

void main(){  

while (1)  

*leds = *switches; 

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Honored Contributor II

"00111000" is a octal number 

"111000" would be decimal 

"0b00111000" would be binary 


To get "A" use: A = (*switches>>0) & 0x07; B= (*switches>> 3) & 0x7; op = (*switches >> 6) & 0x3;