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about Nios® II Boot from EPCQ or EPCS in Quartus® II 13.1

Nios® II Boot from EPCQ or EPCS in Quartus® II 13.1I want boot from EPCQ128 in Quartus II 13.1. I have read the resolution “rd11192013_118” and meet some problem when generate .flash files with elf files, the command “elf2flash --input=sw.elf --output=sw.flash --epcs --after=hw.flash –verbose” ask more parameter than the example, it want base address, reset address and end address, then I set the related address, it ask boot copier file’s name! There are 9 files in the install folder, boot_loader_cfi.srec, boot_loader_eqcq256_cv.srec, boot_loader_ecps.srec and so on…Which one should be the right one? Maybe I should use boot_loader_eqcq256_cv.srec?However my device is EPCQ128. IAnothter question is if I boot with Nios II Flash Programmer GUI, when I add files to convert them to flash files, the default parameter is - -epcs, how to edit the parameter to - -epcq? Expect for your answer! Thanks very much!

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Altera installs different customized boot loaders depending on which device is in use, but without knowledge of which device you are using then its harder to make specific suggestions about the boot loader file name. As I recall an -epcq option can be used with sof2flash if its quad mode configuration but only the -epcs option is used with elf2flash even if it is epcq device and or quad serial mode configuration. I have a post related to some issues with epcs booting a nios2 on a Stratix III under 13.1 sp3.