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aligned_alloc linker issues

Honored Contributor I

I'm trying to share data between the ARM and the FPGA. I've made the F2SDRAM interface 256 bits wide. So, to make life easier I'd like to align the data to a 256 bit boundary. Figured I use the aligned_alloc() function. The linker chokes with the following message: 


aligned_alloc.c:(.text+0x14): undefined reference to 'posix_memalign' 


I'm using Altera Baremetal GCC toolchain 

Quartus Prime 17.1 


Any thoughts on how to make the linker happy?
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Honored Contributor I

Ok that frowny face is not suppose to be there.  

aligned_alloc.c: (.text+0x14): 


Why does : ( with no space between automatically become a frowny face. Just doesn't seem right.