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alpha blending mixer in dsp builder control with nios II



I am working on video processing project, I have cyclone II, quartus II, dsp builder and nios II v6.0. 


In my design I have used alpha blending mixer in dsp builder v6.0. 

As it is indicated in the attached figure.(I want to use alpha blending mixer for just picture in picture mixing, background input_0 for video stream 640x480 and foreground input_1 for 64x64 black display) 


I want to use albha blending mixer with nios II. 

But I don't know, how I can use it. 

(In nios ide  

C/C++ projects >> systemlibrary icon I could not find alpha blending mixer components) 

I think I am getting some mistake while using nios II. 


please help me if any body ever used nios with mixer!! 


Thank You
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Hi rizwan, 

have you already found a solution to control the alpha blending mixer? 

I am trying to control the mixer without the nios but I'm not successfull yet. 

Have you got some hints for me?
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