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altera cyclone V ways to measure execution time in interrupt handler?

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i am developing an application on cyclone v board.As per my app is very time critical, i am having few copy operations in the interrupt handler (top half only as bottom half latency is not good for my app). so i need to measure the time consumed by these copy operations. i have used KTIME api and got some time but is there any other way to cross check it.?? jiffies isnt working as time is in usec so plz suggest some way ?????

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got a working solution. i used do_gettimeofday(). 

it filled the two time structures. and found out the seconds and microseconds between two times of before and after my copy operations.although i subtracted microseconds and seconds myself not programmatically coz of kernel floating point issues.and ktime and do_gettimeofday gives same result so cross check operation done :)