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assembly inline C for NIOS II

Honored Contributor II

Hi all, 


I am new for NIOS II application develoment.  

And I need to embed a few lines of assembly  

in my C code. like: 


# include "system.h" 


void main() 

C code 1; 

_asm_("assembly 1"); 

C code 2; 

_asm_("assembly 2"); 

C code 3; 




My question is if the Nios II SBT will automatically  

save the previous operation results (from registers  

or somewhere else) before execute the assembly.  

As we know it does when the system handle interrupt.  

But how about this sutiation? Thanks in advance if you can help.:) 


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Honored Contributor II

You need to read up how gcc does inline assembly.