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bin2flash help

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I am trying to program a binary file to epcs serial flash. However using the flash programmer, i get an error. The error message isn't very detailed, and just provides an error code. Does anyone know where I can get more information regarding what the error codes mean? 


bin2flash --input="C:/Documents and Settings/nsatyanarayana/My Documents/Nishanth/GPS-DTI Antenna/test.bin" --output="C:/src/GPS_DTI_Antenna/New_Board_Test2/flash/test_epcs_flash_controller.flash" --location=0x0 --verbose  


Error: Error code: 2 for command: nios2eds/bin/bin2flash --input="C:/Documents and Settings/nsatyanarayana/My Documents/Nishanth/GPS-DTI Antenna/test.bin" --output="C:/src/GPS_DTI_Antenna/New_Board_Test2/flash/test_epcs_flash_controller.flash" --location=0x0 --verbose
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1 - are u at nios2 command shell ? 

2 - do you set the PATH to perl or perl5 ? 




i use elf2flash and i use elf2flash --base="yourbaseadd" --epcs --input="file" --boot="bootfile" --reset="cpureset" --output="outfile" 



good luck 


Franz Wagner