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booting multiple nios2 from SDRAM



Any advice..? 


I have a S260ES dev board and what I want to do is have 2 nios2's boot and run from the top 2Mbytes of the installed 16Mbytes SDRAM (located at 0x0 to 0x000FFFFF). 


I have 2 cpus CPU_A and CPU_B. I have a JTAG_UART for each. I have the SDRAM interface and finally some buttons and leds for stimulus and response 


for CPU_A 

I set the reset address to 0x00E00000 and the exception address to 0x00E20000 

and for CPU_B 

I set the reset address to 0x00D00000 and the exception address to 0x00D20000 


I build the system and create two simple hello world projects (that poll a button and printf hello world) each with seperate system libraries. 

For both projects I set the system library .text .rodata and .rwdata options to SDRAM 

stdin/out and err to the correct JTAG UART 


When I run (debug) the projects seperately.. they both work fine. 

But when I run them concurrently only one (the last one started) will run!  


I guess im doing something obvious wrong..!?! 


Cheers in advance for any help
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kits version?? 

I think: 

if verison is v1.0, change the tcp port in debug configuration page,so that the two projects have different tcp ports. 

if verison is v1.1, create a multiprocessor collection and include the two projects.
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Hi Cheers for the reply.. 


Im using 4.1 and 1.0.. I had set the tcp ports to be different..! 


What I think I had done wrong was I only had one system timer and was tring to use this for 

both processors.. Duh!! 

(one would clear the interrupt and the other would hang waiting for it!!) 


I have just got copies of 4.2 and 1.1.. im going to have a play today to see what improvements 

there are w.r.t multi-proc systems 

(I actually have 7 niosII's in my design so im hopping it will make things a little easier.)