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build uclinux-dist 20070130 make romfs microwin failed

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I can find this post of hippo at link : 


i used uclinux-dist-20070130 and file pạtch uClinux-dist-20070130-nios2-02.diff.gz 


followed this instruction in above link 


* when i selected default setting in make menuconfig, run "make romfs", "make", "make linux image", the zimage build successful. But i saw the folder of romfs/bin have no file. I can't understand which step is wrong 


When i download and boot, the kernel can't boot and get this error 


Kernel panic - not syncing: VFS: Unable to mount root fs on unknown-block 



*when i select microwin in menuconfig, and "make romfs" get this error: 


cp:cannot stat `nano-X' : No such file or directory 


"make" get this error: 

No rule to make target `-libjpeg', needed by 'uClinux-dist/user/microwin/src/bin/nano-X 


The folder user/microwin/src/bin have 1 file "convbdf", no more another file
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Honored Contributor I

I don't have the solution to your problem, but if you make a mistake while modifying some files in the uClinux-dist folder and then get an error. The best solution is to remove this folder then take the original one from the 20070130.tar . Copy it into your nios2-linux folder and then do $ git pull in the copied folder. 

The nios2-linux folder must be under home/yourname/ otherwise the git update can fail. 

Don't forget to create folder backup ! I hope it will help you !:)
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Who can help you to fix problem? 


with default config i build and boot successfull 


but i selected microwin got this error: 


No rule to make target `-libjpeg', needed by 'uClinux-dist/user/microwin/src/bin/nano-X