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building nios2 gcc from sources on RHEL 5

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FWIW, on Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5, I was building gcc from the altera source  

code, but the gnu build install step was failing due to some issue with the texinfo  

package. I upgraded texinfo to 4.13 by building from sources but this didn't fix  

the issue. I did eventually locate this email which appears to be relevant. 


I dropped the gcc/doc/include/texinfo.tex file from gcc 4.4.7 into my 

Altera 11 gcc 4.1 source tree, and viola the gcc install issue was resolved.
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For persons searching for comments on this issue I will post some relevant keywords. 


My error message looked like this 


invoke.texi:1078: I can't find file 

Line 1078 in invoke.texi looks like this:  


@include @value{srcdir}/../libiberty/at-file.texi