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can not export the master interface of avalon-mm pipeline bridge

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I need to make Qsys export an Avalon-MM Master for configuring a IP core which has a Avalon-MM Slave interface, but I got this error from eclipse while downloading the software: 

No Nios II target connection paths were located. Check connections and that a Nios II .sof is downloaded. 

When I refreshed connections, I got this: 

Connected system ID hash not found on target at expected base address. 


I'm sure the base address has no problem and I even tried to manually change another address.If I don't export it, the "hello world" project works fine. 

I attach the Qsys contents, I'm new to Avalon interface, and I think it is a simple problem. 

Please help me to fix it. Thanks ahead.
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What are the reset and exception memory settings in NIOS CPU? Did you try to connect to on-chip memory for testing?

Honored Contributor II

Exported pipeline bridge will not work from the way you have it connected. Can you connect the IP core within the Qsys system instead of exporting the pipeline bridge? 


If you still need exported pipeline bridge, I would suggest you to move the onchip memory to 0x4_0000 from 0x1_0000 currently. Fingers crossed, it should work.