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cyclone iii fpga active parallel nor flash accessing


in cyclone iii fpga ,nios ii flash accessing through generic tristate controller .

for my external chip advpin for address lacthing is there.

how do i connect this through my generic tristate controller .

is generic tristate controller automatically accesses the nor flash or we manually write the program

for accessing .

we are not using the wait request signal

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Hello @praveenkumar

Thank you for posting on the Intel® communities.

We understand that you have some inquiries regarding Nios® II Processors and CyClone III. We have a forum for those specific products and questions so we are moving it to the Nios® II Embedded Design Suite (EDS) Forum so it can get answered more quickly.

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Andrew G.

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Can you check and refer to the attached.


eah its the same way  i designed  in the qsys  and also   while  i writing to  flash  by following the datasheet procedure   .

ox4089  if i am writing this  16 bit  data in some 0x0 location

and while i am reading the location  0x0 its showing 0x89 and 0x1 location  its showing 0x40.

its showing lsb in 0x0 location and MSb in 0x1 location.

through code its reading  some cfi table locations according to datasheet.

so i think i correctley designed in qsys. and none of the above problems are solved .


and another question i converting .sof file to pof and i added cfi flash programmed through quartus programmer and it is stored in flash and application is running on power on. in same way if i convert the sof file to hex format and receive through uart and i will erase the flash and write the data in hex format manually through c code . will it run on power on condition


thaks for reply.


Have you tried to program your flash using Quartus Programmer and PFL.

You can refer to below for PFL IP:


yeah that's working fine .

but i  dont want that ,i converted sof file to .flash file and write it in ox20000  onwards  by receiving the data in .flash file through uart but it is not booting on power on .

do we need to write other than  converted sof file to boot up on power on .

do i need to convert pof file to hex file and write that data from 0x20000 onwards  but pof file  is having other data than .sof file do we need convert pof file and write to flash i want to know that data  .

or any other suggestions . actually in all pdfs its mentioned we have to write from 0x20000 onwards