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debug loses calling function

Honored Contributor II

hi there, 


i already have a new problem that seam a little mystery, at least to me.  



when I'm debugging my design i can follow the called functions in the debug window (see below).  


5 process_action() receiving_msg.c:145 0x04003258  

4 recv_msg() receiving_msg.c:60 0x04002ec0  

3 comtask() http.c:161 0x04001a08  

2 wstask() http.c:485 0x04002394  

1 osstarttsk() os_cpu_a.s:268 0x0404090c c  


but at some point the three functions I would return to last disappear. 


2 process_action() receiving_msg.c:147 0x04003268  

1 recv_msg() receiving_msg.c:60 0x04002ec0  


the function "recv_msg()" will disappear sometime in the process as well. when i return through the other functions I'm getting as new last function <symbol is not available>. 


2 process_action() receiving_msg.c:190 0x04003458  

1 <symbol is not available> 0x00000000  


at that point the program freezes. 



the first disappearing happens at a strcpy(local char[], global struct.char[]) command. but if i use this command in the function called before "process_action()" it has no effect. 


any ideas how i can prevent losing my calling history? 



Thanks in advance. 

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Honored Contributor II

You might be overwriting the stack.