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display a large image by nios

hi, my project is use nios to display a image on a projector(about 854x480x3x30 pixels per second). i used to display image by sdram without nios, but this project i must to use nios(old project function upgrade). i think nios II is too slow, i cant sync data transfer and image display(i tried pingpong fifo,use io as flag transfer,reduce frame rate to 2 frames per second etc). and when i try to read data from sdram directly the whole program stop function. it looks i cant effect sdram when i used it in nios? 

so any suggest for image display?i got struck at this function.
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I think you'll need to be more specific if you hope to get any assistance here. 


It also sounds suspiciously like a school project ("...I must use a nios..."). No commercial project would have such a requirement; you use what makes sense to do the job. Having a CPU streaming from a frame buffer to a video output - inside an FPGA - is just, well, silly. 


You can of course access SDRAM from a NIOS. Speed also depends on how you clock your design, caching, software architecture etc.