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do not have device option for upload kernel

Honored Contributor II

in ubuntu 


in uclinux_dist directory 

make vendor_hwselect SYSPTF=/usr/local/src/nios_system.ptf 


first time type this command, do not connect blast usb of DE2-115 board when i do not know need it 


when i meet this option, i plug in the blast usb and select this usb in virtual box 


and run above command again, it still do not have this option 


then i make clean and run the above command again, it still do not have this option 


do i need to make menuconfig again and run above command again? 

do i need to install quartus 14 which i failed to install ? 




do not have cfi_flash_0 which listed in tutorial example web 



--- Please select which CPU you wish to build the kernel against: 


(1) cpu_0 - Class: altera_nios2 Type: f Version: 7.071 


Selection: 1 


--- Please select a device to upload the kernel to: 


(1) cfi_flash_0 

Class: altera_avalon_cfi_flash 

Size: 4194304 bytes
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