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dts .compatibility for pata_platform.c

Thanks in advance. 


I'm using the Altera MAX0 evaluation board with the ghrd design PLUS added an IDE interface on the HSMC connector (it has a compact flash). 

I am now using the current Linux-socfpg and I modified the kernel to add SCSI disk support and ATA PATA generic pata (pata_patform.c). 


My problem is what do I put for compatibility in the *.dts so the OS will recognize I have a Compact Flash? 

If I grep ".compatibility" the pata_platform.c source has NO .compatibility statement. I have tried "ata-generic" "electra-ide" since they 

are both in the OpenFrame driver pata_of_platform.c which I also have enabled. 


I have used this configuration before with the old non-mmu uCLinux-dist and the CF worked fine - of course there was no device tree.
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