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ecos library build problems

I'm trying to evaluate ecos in a nios2 processor, but all the time the ecos configuration tool reports an error. 


the messages:  


make -r -C hal/common/current headers 

make[1]: Entering directory `/ecos-c/projects/nios2p1/hola_build/hal/common/curr 


La sintaxis del comando no es correcta. 

sed: -e expression# 1, char 11: Unknown option to `s' 

make[1]: *** [/ecos-c/projects/nios2p1/hola_install/include/cyg/hal/dbg-thread-s 

yscall.h] Error 1 

make[1]: Leaving directory `/ecos-c/projects/nios2p1/hola_build/hal/common/curre 


make: *** [headers] Error 2 


the configuration is: 


winXP SP2  

NIOS2 5.0 

ecos for nios2 5.0 


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Re: ecos library build problems

When I've seen this in the past, it's been caused by a mis-configured path.  


The "Build Tools" and "User Tools" paths should have been set correctly by the eCos installer, but if they have somehow become wrongly set then this will cause the problem you are describing. To check go to Tools->Paths->Build Tools... in configtool. This should be set to: 


<Nios II install dir>\bin\nios2-gnutools\H-i686-pc-cygwin\bin 


similarly, check Tools->paths->User Tools... 


This should be set to: 


<Nios II install dir>\bin\nios2-gnutools\H-i686-pc-cygwin\bin 


When you set this, you will get a warning saying that the directory "does not appear to contain the usertools". This is OK. You should click "Yes" to accept this. 


If having checked these paths, you find that the problem persists, please post up details on what tools versions you are using and exactly how you are launching configtool.
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