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enable_alt_load_copy_rodata disabled in BSP Editor when using uC/OS-II


I'm using Quartus II standard 20.1. I have a simple system designed using Platform designer that incorporates standard stuff (Nios II, PLL, RAM, on-chip flash etc). I intend to execute code from the on-chip flash (UFM single uncompressed). 

When I try to configure hal.linker via the BSP editor I can enable all the required settings (enable_alt_load, enable_alt_load_copy_ro_data, enable_alt_load_copy_rwdata, etc) if I set the operating system to Altera HAL. 

If instead, I set the operating system to Micrium uc/OS-II then these options are disabled for some reason. 

Screenshots attached. 

Is this intended? Or am I doing something wrong? 

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Hi Barry!

Thanks for reaching us.


Is the operative System you're using Windows or Ubuntu to implement your design on Quartus and eclipse?

I did the test with Quartus 20.1 installed on Windows machine and the options aren't disabled after selecting Micrium MicroC/OS-II.

could you tell me which OS you are working with?






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Thanks for the reply. I'm running Ubuntu 18.04 in a VM on MacOS. Everything else is working perfectly (including the USB blaster - I have completed a few projects using this set-up). I've tried configuring the BSP a few times with fresh projects and always get the same result. 

It is interesting that the moment I remove OS2 from the BSP, those alt_load functions become available again. 

It is also interesting Is there anything else I can try? A different configuration for example? 

Just FYI, I do appear to be able to edit the settings.bsp file in a text editor and change the 'enabled' tags to true by hand. (see below) However, I can't tell as of yet whether this change has resulted in the correct bsp being generated. 



                <Description>Causes the alt_load() facility to copy the .rodata section. If true, this setting defines the macro ALT_LOAD_COPY_RODATA in linker.h.</Description>
                <Group xsi:nil="true" xmlns:xsi=""/>




Hi Barry,

I've been trying to reproduce your issue but I haven't had any success.

in the tests I made, the alt_load functions never got disable.

Would you mind to share your *.sopcinfo file with me to see exactly the way you have configured it and then reproduce the issue?

Thanks in advance,

-Eliath Guzman

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Apologies for the delay - here is my sopcinfo file if it is any use to you. I changed the file's extension to .xml as the forum forbids uploading of files with extension .sopcinfo.